Maligne Canyon

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Waterfalls, fossils, potholes, underground stream outlets, the nests of ravens and rare black swifts, unexpectedly lush plant life and the startling effects of frost action - these are just some of the wonders of Maligne Canyon. Swirling, churning water has worn the canyon, only two metres across at some points, to a depth of more than 50 metres. Maligne Canyon is carved into the Palliser Formation, a layer of limestone deposited in a shallow tropical sea by lime-secreting plankton about 365-million years ago. Some geologists speculate that parts of the canyon were originally deep caves that have since been uncovered by glacial scraping and water erosion. Parks Canada has developed a self-guided interpretative trail along the canyon with signs describing the geological history of the area. There are four bridges across the gorge, each with its own special view. A short hiking loop tours the upper reaches of the canyon, while a longer trail follows the gorge and exits at a fifth and sixth bridge lower down. Please resist the temptation to throw coins into the canyon - this needlessly spoils the natural beauty of the area. No camping or overnight parking allowed.

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Lat: 52.920928 Lng: -117.999884

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Did the walk to 3rd bridge was amazing !!! Little hill to it but doesnt take too long , a must do!


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Nice canyon and moderate walking tracks. Be early, it's getting busy.



It is busy but still definitely worth it (we have seen canyons in US and Central & South America and still worth it!)


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