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The Monkman Pass Memorial Trail comprises a Driving Tour from Grande Prairie to Kinuseo Falls via Tumbler Ridge, and the Hiking Trail from Kinuseo Falls over the Rocky Mountains to Hobi's Cabin on the Herrick River. The hiking trail is sixty-three kilometres long, and takes five to six days to complete. There are many possible side trips for the adventurous hiker that can make for an expedition of seven to ten days. For those seeking shorter trips, the return hike from Kinuseo Falls to the Cascades and Monkman Lake requires just three days. The trail lies mostly within Monkman Provincial Park and for the most part follows the old Monkman route over the Rockies. Once at Hobis Cabin on the Herrick River, it is necessary either to travel by river boat to Prince George, or to be ferried across the Herrick to a waiting vehicle. Alternatively, some hikers may wish to hike the trail from south to north and to be dropped off by boat at Hobis Cabin. The region traversed by the trail is rugged and remote and the trail is classified as difficult. It will be a wilderness experience, initially with minimal facilities. Grizzly and black bears are numerous. Firearms and hunting are not permitted in the Arctic watershed in Monkman Provincial Park (approximately the northen two thirds of the park). GPS and satellite phone are considered essential items. Weather is unpredictable, and extreme weather conditions can occur at higher elevations. The hiking season varies but is typically late June till September.

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Lat: 54.765014 Lng: -121.209227

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Great trail that leads to amazing cascades and glacial lakes. 3 days is fine if going just to the falls and Monkman lake, add 1 more if going to Hugh lake, after that it is for hikers with a plan of how to get out.


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