Camp Site in Alberta

11 Bridges Campground and Cabins

Abraham Lake

Abraham Lake Recreation Site

Amethyst Campground

Area 1 - Group Camping

Area 2 - Group Camping

Area 3 - Group Camping

Area 4 - Group Camping

Area 5 - Group Camping

Area 6 - Group Camping

Area 7 - Group Camping

Area A - Group Camping

Area A - Group Camping

Area A - Group Camping

Area A Group Use

Area B - Group Camping

Area B - Group Camping

Area B Group Use

Area C - Group Camping


Aylmer - Group Camping

Badlands Campground

Bashaw Campground

Battle Creek Campground

Battle Lake Park

Beauvais Lake Campground

Beaver - Group Camping

Beaver Creek Campground

Beaver Flats Campground

Beaver Lake Campground

Beaver Mines Lake

Beaver Mines Lake Campground


Beaverdam Campground

Beiseker Campground

Bellevue Community Campground

Bellis Lake Campsite

Belly River Campground

Bertha Bay Campground

Big Berland Campground

Big Knife Campground

Big Knife Provincial Park

Blackstone - Group Camping

Bleriot Ferry Campground

Bluerock Campground

Bluerock Equestrian Campground

Boss Hill Campground

Boulton Creek Campground

Bow City Campground

Bow Island Centennial Park & Campground

Bow River Campground

Bow Valley Campground

Brazeau Reservoir Loops A, B & C Campground

Brazeau River Campground

Brewers Campground

Brooks Kiwanis Campground

Brown Creek Campground

Buck Lake Campground

Burnstick Lake Campground

Burnt Timber Campground

Cabela's Calgary Overnight Parking

Cache Lake Campground

Calgary Zoo

Calhoun Bay Campground

Calling Lake Campground

Camp Ridge Park

Canmore Overnight Parking

Canoe Meadows - Group Camping

Canyon Campground

Carolside Campground

Carson-Pegasus Campground

Carstairs Municipal Campground

Cartier Creek Campground

Castle Falls Campground

Castle Mountain Campground

Castle River Bridge Campground

Castor Lions Campground

Cataract Creek Campground

Cavalcade 1 - Group Camping

Cavan Lake Recreational Campground

Cecil Thompson Park

Chain Lakes Campground

Chain Lakes Campground

Chambers Creek Campground

Chin Park

Chinook Campground

Chip Lake Park

Clear lake CG

Clearwater Trading Campground

Cline Creek Area

Clitheroe Campgound

CLOSED: Kimball Campground REOPENING JUNE 2018

Cn Station Day Use Group Day Use

Cold Lake - Group Camping

Cold Lake Campground

Columbia Icefield RV

Condy Meadows Golf Course and Campground

Cottonwood Campground

Cougar Creek Campground

Cow Lake Campground

Crandell Mountain Campground

Creepy Hollow

Crescent Falls Campground

Crimson Lake - Group Camping

Crimson Lake Campground

Crooked Creek Campground

Cross Lake Campground

Cross Lake Group Use

Cross Lake Walk-In Tenting Campground

Crown Land Camping On North Sask River


Dawson Equestrian Campground

Deer Creek - Group Camping

Delorme Loop Campground

Demmitt Provincial Recreation Area

Dickson Point Campground

Dickson-Stevenson Stopping House

Dillberry Lake Campground

Dillberry Lake Group Use

Dinosaur Campground

Dinosaur Group Use

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Dirt Parking Lot

Dry Haven Campground

Dunvegan Campground

Dutch Creek Campground

Eau Claire Campground

Elbow Lake Backcountry Campground

Elk Creek Campground

Elk Flats Group Use

Elk Island

Elk River Campground

Elkwater Campground

Elkwood Campground

Emerson Lakes Campground

End Of Gravel Road

Etherington Creek - Group Camping

Etherington Creek Campground

Etherington Equestrian Campground

Exshaw Community Campground

Extra Foods Carpark

Fairfax Lake Campground

Fallen Timber North Campground

Fallen Timber South Campground

Fawcett Lake - Group Camping

Fawcett Lake Campground

Ferguson Hill Campground

Ferintosh Campground

Fickle Lake Campground

Figure Eight Lake Campground

Firerock Campground

Fish Lake - Group Camping

Fish Lake Campground

Fisher Creek Campground

Flying J Travel Center

Flying J Travel Center Brooks

Flying J Travel Center Calgary

Flying J Travel Center Medicine Hat

Flying J Travel Center Southeast Calgary

Flying J Travel Centre

Flying J Travel Centre #795

Flying J Travel Plaza

Fort Heritage & Frontier RV Park

Fort Lions Campground

Fort Vermilion Campground

Franchere Bay Campground

Free Campground out of National Park

Free Road Side Spot

Free RV overnight stop

Freeman River Campground

French Bay Lower East Campground

Freshwater Creek Free Camp

Frying Pan Creek (Canfor campground)

Garner Lake Campground

Ghost Airstrip

Ghost Reservoir Campground

Gleichen Campground

Goldeye Lake Campground

Gooseberry Campground

Gooseberry Lake Campground

Graburn Campground

Gravel Road Outside Rockies

Graveyard Lake / Halfway Campground

Great Canadian Barn Dance

Great River Camp

Greenford Campground

Greenwood Campground

Greg's Truck Stop

Gregg Lake Campground

Gregoire Lake Campground

Gregoire Lake Group Use

Grey Eagle Resort & Casino

Group A Group Use

Group C Group Use

Group D Group Use

Group E Group Use

Grouse - Group Camping

Gunderson Meadows Campground

Hangingstone Campground

Harlech Campground

Heart River Dam Campground

High Cliff View

Highway 41 - Group Camping

Highwood - Group Camping

Hilda Lake Crown Land Camping

Hilliards Bay A - Group Camping

Hilliards Bay Campground

Hinton Campground

Holmes Crossing Campground

Homestead - Group Camping

Honeymoon Lake Campground

Horburg Campground

Hornbeck Creek Campground

Horseshoe Canyon Campground

Hutch Lake Campground

Hythe Municipal Campground

Icefield Campground - Tents Only

Indian Graves Campground

Indian Graves Equestrian Campground

Information Centre / Circle K Overnight Parking

Innisfree Municipal Park

Interlakes Campground

Iosegun Lake - Group Camping

Iosegun Lake Campground

Iron Horse Trail Heinsburg Staging Area

Iron Horse Trail Lindbergh Staging Area

Ironwood Lake Campground

Island Lake Campground

Jackfish Lake - Group Camping

Jackfish Lake Campground

James-Wilson - Group Camping

James-Wilson Campground

Jarvis A - Group Camping

Jarvis B - Group Camping

Jarvis Bay Campground

Jarvis Lake Campground

Jasper Camping Overflow

Jasper National Park - Snaring River Campground

Joachim Campground

John Dudar Park - Jackfish Lake

Johnsons Beach Campground

Jonas Creek Campground

Kakwa River Campground

Kehiwin Campground

Kinbrook Island Campground

Kininvie Rest Room (Eastbound)

Kinky Lake Campground

Klarr's Kabin Backcounty Camp - Group Camping

Kleskun Hill Campground

Lac Des Arcs Campground

Lake McGregor Campground

Lakeside Campground

Lakeview A - Group Camping

Lakeview B - Group Camping

Lakeview C - Group Camping

Lakeview Campground

Lakeview Campground

Large Group Use - Group Camping

Last Chance Saloon & Rosedeer Hotel

Lawrence Lake Campground

Lily Creek - Group Camping

Little Bow Group Use

Little Bow Reservoir Campground

Little Elbow Campground

Little Elbow Equestrian Campground

Little Fish Lake Campground

Little Prairie RV Campground

Little Sundance Creek - Group Camping

Livingstone Falls Campground

Lodgepole Campground

Long Lake A Group Use

Long Lake B Group Use

Long Lake Campground

Longview Campground

Loop D - Group Camping

Loop E - Group Camping

Lovett River Campground

Lower Lake - Group Camping

Lower Lake Campground

Lundbreck Falls Campground

Lynx Creek Campground

Machesis Lake Campground

MacLeod Flats Campground

Main - Group Camping

Main - Group Camping

Mall Overnight Parking

Manning Lions Riverside Campground

Maqua Lake Group Use

Markerville Community Campground

Marten River - Group Camping

Marten River Campground

Maskuta Campground

Maycroft Campground

McKenzie Crossing Recreation Area

McLean Creek Campground

McLeod River - Group Camping

McLeod River Campground

McLeod River Camping

Medicine Lake Campground

Mesa Butte Equestrian - Group Camping

Mesa Butte Equestrian Campground

Millet Lions Memorial Campground & RV Storage

Miners Memorial Park

Minnow Lake - Group Camping

Minnow Lake Campground

Miquelon Lake Prov. Park Campground

Miquelon Overflow Campground

Mitchell Lake Campground

Moberly Campground

Moonshine Lake - Group Camping

Moonshine Lake Campground

Moose - Group Camping

Moose Lake Campground

Moose Lake Group Use

Mosquito Creek Campground

Mound Red Park

Mount Kerkeslin Campground

Mount Sarrail Walk-In Tenting Campground

Mt. Shark Parking

Musreau Lake Campground

New Norway Campground

Nojack Campground

North Buck Lake Campground

North Dyke Campground

North Fork Campground

North Fork Campground

North Ghost Campground

Notikewin Campground

Obed Lake Campground

Old Baldy Campground

Oldman River Campground

Oldman River North - Group Camping

Oldman River North Campground

Olds Agricultural Society Recreation Site

Oles Lake Campground

Overflow Camping

Owl - Group Camping

Paddle Campground at Hidden Cove

Paddys Flat - Group Camping

Paddys Flat Campground

Park Lake Campground

Park Lake Provincial Park

Parking Area

Parking Log Visitor Centre

Parking Lot Bighorn No. 8

Parking lot next to Bow River

Pass Creek Picnic Site (Winter Only)

Payne Lake Campground

Pelican Point Campground

Pembina Forks Campground

Pembina River Campground

Pembina River Group Use

Peppers Lake Campground

Peppers Lake Staging Campground

Perrett Park

Petro Canada Overnight Parking

Petro Canada Truck Stop Calgary

PetroCanada Rest Area

Phyllis Lake Campground

Pigeon Lake Campground

Pine Bay Group Use Campground

Pine Coulee Campground

Pine Hollow Campground

Pinehurst Lake Campground

Pinters Campground

Pioneer Campground

Pipestone Creek Campground

Pocahontas Campground (CLOSED FOR 2020)

Pocaterra Walk-In Tenting - Group Camping

Police Outpost Campground

Porcupine Hills

Prairie Creek Campground

Preachers Point Free Camping

Private spot

Protection Mountain Campground

Pure Casino Lethbridge

Queen Elizabeth - Group Camping

Queen Elizabeth Campground

Racehorse Campground

Rainbow Lake Campground

Rainbow Valley Campground

Ram Falls - Group Camping

Ram Falls Campground

Random Camping Area

Random Campsite Sheep Creek

Real Canadian Superstore Grande Prairie

Red Deer Lake Campground

Red Deer River North Campground

Red Deer River South Campground

Redcliff Municipal Campground

Redwater Community Campground

Reesor Dock Campground

Reesor Lake Campground

Rest Area

Rest Area Loop

Rest Stop

Riley Park Parking Lot

Rio Grande Sports Ground

Rochon Sands - Group Camping

Rochon Sands Campground

Rock Lake Campground

Rocky Mountain House Nat. Historic Site

Rosebud Valley Campground

Ross Lake Area G Group Use

Ross Lake Campground

Running Lake Campground

RV Overnight Parking Southcenter Mall

Sandy McNabb A - Group Camping

Sandy McNabb B - Group Camping

Sandy McNabb Campground

Sandy McNabb Equestrian Campground

Sandy Point Park

Saskatchewan River Camp

Saskatoon Island Campground

Saunders Campground

Seibert Lake Campground

Seven Mile - Group Camping

Seven Persons Community Hall Campground

Severn Dam

Sheep Creek Campground

Shunda Viewpoint - Group Camping

Sibbald Lake Campground

Silverhorn Creek Campground

Simonette River Campground

Sir Winston Churchill - Group Camping

Sir Winston Churchill Campground

Smoke Lake Campground

Snow Creek - Group Camping

Snowbowl Camp

South Dyke - Site A - Group Camping

South Dyke Campground

Spray Lakes West Campground

Spruce Coulee Campground

St. Mary Lower Campground

St. Mary Upper Campground

St. Paul Iron Horse Campground

Standard Municipal Campground

Starland Recreation Area

Steveville Bridge Campground

Stoney Creek - Group Camping

Stoney Lake Campground

Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino car park

Stoney Park Campgrounds

Strachan Campground

Strawberry Equestrian Campground

Strong Creek Park

Sulphur Gates Campground

Sulphur Lake Campground

Sundance Lodges

Swalwell Dam (Fyten Resevoir)

Swan Lake Campground

Switchback Campgound

Syncline A - Group Camping

Syncline B - Group Camping

Taber Park

Tail Creek Campground

Tay River Campground

Tekarra Camp

Tent Camping Around Rowley

The Crossing Resort

The Flying J Travel Center Sherwood Park

The Narrows Campground

Thompson Creek Campground

Three Hills Campground

Three Rivers - Group Camping

Three Sisters Campground

Thunder Lake Campground

Tillicum Beach Park

Tim Hortons Overnight Parking

Tolman East - Group Camping

Tolman East Campground

Tolman West Campground

Touchwood Lake Campground

Trans-Canada Trail Rest Stop

Trapper Leas Cabin Campground

Travers Dam (Reservoir) Campground

Travers Reservoir Provincial Recreation Area

Trenville Park

Trout Pond Campground

Tunnel Mountain Village I

Turner Valley Municipal Campground

Twin Lakes - Group Camping

Twin Lakes Campground

Twin Lakes Campground

Twin Lakes Park and Campground

Twin Valley CG

Twinning Monument

Two Jack Lakeside Campground

Two Jack Main Campground - Banff National Park

Two O Clock Creek Campground

Upper Day Use Group Day Use

User Maintained Recreation Area

User Managed Area

Vermilion 1 - Group Camping

Vermilion 2 - Group Camping

Vermilion 3 - Group Camping

Vermilion Campground

Vermilion River Campground

Village of Linden East Coulee Campground

Vulcan Municipal Campground

Wabamun Lake Campground

Wabasso Campground

Waiparous Creek - Group Camping

Waiparous Creek Campground




Walmart Brooks Overnight Parking

Walmart Calgary Overnight Parking

Walmart Cochrane Overnight Parking

Walmart Deerfoot City Overnight Parking

Walmart Drumheller Overnight Parking

Walmart Edmonton Overnight Camping

Walmart Edmonton Overnight Parking

Walmart Fort McMurray Overnight Parking

Walmart Lethbridge North Overnight Parking

Walmart Lethbridge South

Walmart Medicine Hat Overnight Parking

Walmart Olds Overnight Parking

Walmart Overnight Parking

Walmart Overnight Parking

Walmart Overnight Parking

Walmart Overnight Parking - Airdrie

Walmart Overnight Parking - Strathmore

Walmart Overnight Parking Okotoks

Walmart Red Deer South Overnight Parking

Walmart Stettler Overnight Parking

Walmart Supercenter- Camrose

Walmart Supercenter- Wainwright

Walmart Sylvan Lake Overnight Parking

Walmart Wetaskiwin Overnight Parking

Wanyandie Campground

Wapiti River Side Road

Waskahigan River Campground

Waterfowl Lakes Campground

Waterton Lake Front Viewpoint

Waterton Reservoir Campground

Watipi Campground

Watson Creek Campground

Wayside Campground

Weald - Group Camping

West Canal Campground

Whistlers Campground

Whitehorse Creek Campground

Whitney Lake Campground

Wilcox Creek Campground

Wild Horse - Group Camping

Wildhorse Lake Campground

Willey West Campground

William Watson Lodge Campground

Williamson Campground

Willow Creek - Group Camping

Willow Creek Provincial Park

Willow Rock Campground

Winagami Lake - Group Camping

Winagami Lake Campground

Windy Point Campground

Winfield Lions Pioneer Campground and Playground

Wolf Lake Campground

Wolf Lake West Campground


Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park

Youngs Point - Group Camping

Youngs Point Main Campground

Zeiner Campground

Zipline Campground

Zoeteman Park/campground


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